Look after your wine properly!

Look after your wine properly!

05 Jul 2021

You don't need fancy wine fridges or an under ground cellar for your wine collection, but leaving your wine above the oven in the kitchen should be avoided.. Here's a few tips on how to store your wine.

While we encourage the drinking of a lot of our wines as they are released (we’ll tell you otherwise!) you may find yourselves slowly building a bit of a cellar.. Don’t panic, the wines we sell will not expire! Don’t feel as though you need to rush out and buy a fancy wine fridge. Just make sure as best you can to follow the below guidelines:

Store wine somewhere where the temperature won’t fluctuate too much between the seasons (not outside!)

Store Wine Bottles Horizontally - Particularly important for wines with a cork closure, as we want the cork to stay wet, in doing so it won’t shrivel and let oxygen into the wine.

Protect Wine from Light - store in a dark space out of direct sunlight

The best spot? Bottom of your wardrobe. Worst spot? The cupboard above the oven. 

Side note: 

The Romans are considered the first to figure out how to store wine for extended preservation. Initially they went through a very brief period of storing the fermenting amphorae adjacent to their fire/cooking area which were purposely filled with smoke. The thought was that by removing the oxygen from the environment, the wines would preserve longer, instead the heat essentially cooked the wines and led to faster spoilage. The first underground cellars were Roman catacombs or underground tombs. Out of necessity, some Romans used the storage space underground and in doing so accidentally unlocked the key to wine preservation!