Hello From the Star Team!

Our background is first and foremost good hospitality - between us we've done countless popups, opened restaurants, worked at and dined in the top wine bars and restaurants of London and Paris, seen the light, the romance, the lifestyle of simple seasonal food and natural wine... and finally opened a wine shop in an old dairy - Star Superette - our way of sharing all of this with you at home!

When we came across this K’rd dairy with old checkerboard floors and grubby walls just a few doors down from our wine bar Celeste, we were charmed by it's character… it seemed the perfect space for our vision of a shop - making great food and wine products more accessible in Tamaki Makaurau.

From hospo to learning the retail game - it’s been a wild ride. Our team lives and breathes good food and wine, and we think life’s way better because of it.

Cheers to you at home,
Mike, Ben, Emma & Nick

Find us at 170 Karangahape Road

Contact shop@starsuperette.com

Opening hours:
Mon, Tues - 9 - 6pm
Wed, Thurs - 9 - 8pm
Fri - 9 - 9:30pm
Sat  - 12 - 9pm
Sun - 12 - 6pm