2019 Aurum 'Libera' Pinot Noir


The Aurum vineyard was planted in Cromwell in 1997 by Joan and Tony Lawrence. ‘Aurum’ translates to gold in Latin, referring to the gold prospectors of the Cromwell region from the previous century. In 2001, a second vineyard was planted in Lowburn, bringing their total plantings to a tiny 4 hectare.

 Their son, Brook, followed the family wine-making tradition. During his time working several international vintages (including the Pinot Noir Mecca, Burgundy) he met his future wife Lucie. After marrying in 2004 the couple returned to New Zealand and have continued to produce wines true to Central Otago; Lucie’s Burgundian influence presides over the winemaking, whilst Brook tends the vines.
The ‘Libera’ Pinot Noir began as an experimental trial but has in turn reshaped the entire winemaking methodology at Aurum. Under Lucie’s hand, all of Aurum’s wines use only certified organic fruit and are produced with minimal intervention – with the occasional application of sulfur when necessary.
These are natural wines made with absolute precision. Forget your typical Central Otago Pinot, Aurum’s Libera is about freshness and vibrancy.
Light-medium bodied with loads of red fruit and crunch factor - drink this with a teeming plate of charcuterie, roast chook or anything with mushrooms.
Drink now or hold up to 1 year.
2019 Aurum 'Libera' Pinot Noir
2019 Aurum 'Libera' Pinot Noir